Coronavirus Childcare

With the announcement of school closures, parents everywhere are wondering what coronavirus childcare is going to be available during this time. Many families, when alternative childcare is required, call on grandparents to step in as a helping hand. However, during the Coronavirus crisis, grandparents are at risk of severe complications which is why alternative Coronavirus childcare during this time is essential. However, with the current climate, you might be feeling tentative about bringing a Nanny into your home. It is important to remember that everyone needs to be vigilant with their health and hygiene. All childcare candidates that are placed with Urban Child Care are required to have a valid paediatric first aid certificate. All childcare candidates that completed their paediatric first aid certificate with Urban Child Care will have completed a section on the importance of health and hygiene and how to encourage children to be thorough with their own health and hygiene. Ensuring everyone in your home is as thorough as they possibly can with their hygiene, especially washing their hands is currently the best way to protect your family. If you are a Nanny working within a family home, try and stay within the home as much as possible and only go out if it is essential.

If you do not currently have a Nanny for your family and you are wondering what options you have, we believe that the best childcare option for you would be either a temporary nanny or a nanny share. A temporary or emergency nanny will be able to step in and care for your children if you are unable to work from home or you require someone to look after your children while you focus on your work at home.

Now is a great time to look at different arts and crafts ideas you can try with the children in your care. Social media offers a wide variety of quick and easy projects you and the children in your care could try during this time. Arts and crafts supplies can be delivered to the home to avoid having to go out to craft shops.

Alternatively, you could try puzzles with a high number of puzzle pieces, board games or card games to keep the children entertained for hours at a time and not resort to unnecessary tablet time. You can even take the time to teach the children magic tricks using only a few items.

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